Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Curly Hair

I took a picture of Baylee's hair when it was wet and when it was dry because it doesn't seem to be growing to me but now I see why. She has some really springy curls. I knew it was curly but I must admit that is some really curly hair. I love her curls. I think that every girl needs to have curls. I know I wish I did. I had to add some of Bryson in here too. He is getting into sooooo much stuff lately. He is showing that he is a real boy now. He just started to climb the rock wall on the swing set that goes up to the slide. That kid has no fear.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I love Easter. I love to go to church and I love dressing up my daughter in big puffy dresses. I love hearing the awesome talks and I love my calling. Baylee and Bryson liked getting up to find their Easter basket and I swear they ate candy all day. I just got a new calling in church I was the Beehive teacher and now I am the 1st counselor in the Young Women's. I love the girls so much and I am so excited about my new calling and can't wait to spend more time with my young women. They are so amazing. Easter was fun. My kids had a blast at church, and I am so grateful for all the blessings that my family has been given.

So I Guess I Won't Have IT Much Longer.

So you know that post I made with me in my wedding dress. I will not be able to fit in that dress for a LONG while because my body will be changing. My tummy is going to get rounder. Yes that's right I am pregnant again. My due date is December 1st. This pregnancy feels a lot like Baylee's was which wasn't fun. I just hope that I don't gain the 85lbs that I did with her because the water retention was bad enough. I am trying to stay active and I am still running so it gives me hope that I won't gain that much as I did with her, but with the nauseousness I eat like crazy to try to make it go away. I had also signed up to do a half marathon before I knew that I was pregnant and my goal is to still do it. Wish me luck.

Baylee's Birthday Party

Fist of all sorry I haven't been able to blog lately. There was something going on with my computer that wouldn't let me leave comments or even log into post things but I could view everyone's blogs. It was really weird, but for some reason now I can get back on. So Baylee's birthday was April 3, she turned 3. I can't believe how big she is getting. She had a flower party and it was tons of fun. I was so grateful that it was a beautiful day on Saturday also. I made a dirt cake and cool flower sandwiches along with other stuff. I found on-line some awesome flower balloon and made those too. All in all it was pretty decked out. It was tons of fun. She got lots of clothes and some cool toys. We got her a bike also, but by the end of opening presents she wasn't feeling too well. She started to burn up and I took her into the after hours clinic later that night. She had white spots on the back of throat. The fever stayed for a few more days. It was not a fun time. I really don't like it when my kids are sick, but all is well now.