Thursday, September 16, 2010

First week of preschool!!!!

Baylee and Bryson are starting preschool this week. Baylee goes to a co-op that some women in my ward and I started together. She went the first day and had a blast. She is so excited to go to preschool and that she has her very own book. Bryson stays home with me and we do preschool while Baylee is gone at hers. He is just excited that he gets his own pencil box and crayons, markers, and so on. He loves to drag his backpack around. He feels very important with his backpack on.

Hair Cut

This is all the hair I got off his head cutting it on a 1.I took a picture of him sleeping becuase this is the only time that he sits still.

Charlie is pretty bald and out of all my kids he has had the least amount of hair. So I thought that if I cut his hair it will grow back fast and full. Still waiting on the verdict for that, but it has worked in the past with my other kids and so hopefully this little guy will have some hair on his head by winter and not be so incredible bald.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Trip to Twin Falls

We made a bunch of flower barrettes out of ribbon and buttons. I was showing them off here.
Baylee wearing these gorilla gloves. Casen would wear them as shoes and that was really funny to watch.
Clayton with Charlie. These two were buds. Bless Clayton's little heart wanting to hold him and try to keep him quite.
This is Holly my sister.

Baylee and Bryson wearing the football pads. Uncle Aaron is a coach for the football team there. All the kids except Cody he was having a rough day.

Bryson and Charlie having a little fun.

Casen and Bryson were jumping up and trying to do a 360 on down.


Charlie and I
Saturday night I asked Darin if he minded if I followed one of my friends down to Boise and kept on going to Twin Falls and around 10 that night he told me I could and that he was alright about it, so Sunday morning I packed up and left to Twin Falls. We stayed for a week and came home on Sunday. I really enjoyed visiting my sister and her family. We did tons of stuff. We made a Family Home Evening board, painted toes, made flower clips, went thrift store shopping and more shopping and our favorite garage sailing. The kids camped out together in different rooms, one night upstairs, another in one room and so on. We went on a lot of walks and stayed up late talking. It was tons of fun and we miss them already but were glad to be home.

Update on Charlie

Charlie is in the 80% with his head and 75% with his height and 50% with his weight. He is 20.3lbs.