Thursday, July 15, 2010

4th of July and Family Reunion

All the kids watching the fireworks.

Baylee and Bryson being cute together

Darin and the kids watching the fireworks.

Baylee is into making crazy faces when pictures are being taken and so this was our picture together.

It was a really fun 4th and we really enjoyed being around family. Thanks to my brother Matt and his family for having everyone over and the amazing fireworks. It was a blast.

Family Reunion Pictures

This is the original 11.

The whole family we are missing a couple but the majority are here.

Grandma and Grandpa with the grand kids. A few are missing but like I said the majority are here.

The Franks

We had the Wallace family reunion during the fourth of July week. It was a lot of fun being with all me brothers and sisters. My parents have 27 grandchildren and we have a grand total of 49 people in the Wallace bunch. It gets harder and harder to have the whole family around and so we had to take advantage of having the majority home and take some pictures.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Baylee's first stitches

Baylee was out with Darin getting wood and they were on the 4 wheeler and went over a bump and she smacked her mouth down into front of it. She was bleeding pretty bad I guess. She went through her lip a little but the inside was pretty bad. Darin was about a half an hour away from Pinehurst and she was bleeding really good so I told him to take her to Kellogg to that hospital because I didn't was he to wait 45 minutes more to Coeur d'Alene. I drove out to Kellogg and she got her first stitch in her mouth. She has already taken it out on her own though now but it was quite an eventful day, and we are going to be having family pictures taken next week.

Darins new hobby.

Darin loves to be in the woods. So this is a really good excuse for him to get out. We had to get a picture of this because I think that it took a lot of work to squeze everything in. He loves to get wood and he keeps going out to get more wood even though we have enough for two winters worth he keeps going every spare moment he has.


This is a picture of Darin's eye. He broke a blood vessel in his eye. This is actually just the start of it. It got tons worse. It was about half of his eye was blood like looking. We think that it happened because of his allergies. He had been inching his eyes like crazy. It was really gross. Thank goodness it has gotten better.

Car d' Alene

Darin, Jake, Bryson, Baylee, Mark, Sarah, and Grandpa Frank.

Bryson smiling funny

One really pimped out bus. The kids loved this bus.

JoAnn and her family.



A stylin' car

We had a really nice time. The kids loved watching the cars and hanging out with everyone. We had Darin's parents and my sister JoAnn's family there and one of Darin's friends Mark. It was a fun time and it was a sunny warm day finally.