Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daddy daughter time.

Darin took Baylee with him to hunt last night and came back with a buck. He was really excited because with all the bad luck of not seeing much this hunting season it didn't take much time to get this buck. Baylee as you can see was really proud of her dad and really excited to be with him. What a night.

Baylee's on her own.

Well not totally on her own. She learned how to ride her bike on her own. I haven't posted much lately and decided to do a whole bunch at once. Baylee started riding her bike at the beginning of August. She was outside playing with the neighbor kids and they were all riding their own bikes and I had taken the training wheels off of her and put them on Bryson's bike so she decided that she wanted to ride her bike like everyone else. So we got her bike out and started going. She started out first riding only about five or ten yards and then Dad decided to come out and help out with her bike riding. She was riding it in no time. She loves to ride her bike now and feels like she is a real big kid now.

Pumpkin Carving

Baylee showing the guts.
Baylee trying to cut her own.
We did buy some big pumpkins and the kids loved carving them. Darin helped Bryson out on his and I helped Baylee with hers. She wanted to cut it on her own really bad. Charlie had fallen asleep so he missed out. The kids loved taking the guts out. It was a great night.


My little Fairy Princess.
Baylee had a Halloween Party for Preschool and she had so much fun. When I came to pick her up from school we had a Mummy wrapping contest and had some cake together. We had a lot of fun together. She loves to go to preschool. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of my other little guys in their costumes. Bryson was a tiger and Charlie was a Dalmatian. I could squeeze them back into them but I don't think my pictures will turn out with some happy kids.

Hard Work

This is Darin's friend Josh and he got a bull elk and we went up to help pack it out. We had to wench it out about a half a mile up a mountain side. It was really hard and I have a new application for all that Darin does when he has to get an elk out. Thankfully Josh gave us about half the meat for helping.

Painting pumpkins

Carter feeding Charlie. He just loves him so much. Carter tries to say Charlie's name and it sounds like Carly.
Bryson showing me his hands.
Baylee showing me her hands.The kids having fun.
Charlie having fun with his pumpkin but staying very clean.

So the little pumpkins that we got from Carver's Farm were so small that my friend Taylor and I thought that it would be better if we painted them instead of carving them. We used some poster paint that I had and changed their shirts and put some paper down. The kids had tons of fun and the paint washed off their hands really well, but after they dried the next day the paint started to peel off. Oh well they had fun and that was all that matters.

Pumpkin Patch

Look at how these kids have grown.Bryson picking out his pumpkin.
Baylee is super excited if you couldn't tell.
Charlie having fun being packed around.

Baylee's preschool went to Carver's Farm and they had a lot of fun. The kids were really excited about picking their own pumpkin out. It was a fun day.