Saturday, March 27, 2010

Charlie's first foods and 4 months.

This is Charlie eating his first foods. He did alright eating. Just about as good as any baby at learning how to eat. I have only been feeding cereal in the mornings sometimes. I need to get more cosistant. Charlie is rolling over here and there. He does it more because if he rolls onto his stomach than he can suck on his thumb better. 95% of the time he rolls is because of his thumb. He loves everyone talking to him and is a really happy baby. I couldn't have asked for a better baby. We love him and we are really blessed to have such a wonderful baby.

Baylee Baylee Baylee.

She is so funny. It was nap time and I came up to check on her and this is how I found her. I can't believe that she feel asleep like this. Those are some small hips to fit into that. Oh and by the way in the backround is the colors that I painted my room and their is some molding up on the left side to go all the way around my room.

My First.......

This is my first ice cream cake that I made. It is an oreo ice cream cake. This is a reciepe that I got from my sister Holly and she found it off the internet on a cooking blog. It was so good. I couldn't help but to eat tons of it. Yes that is how big of a piece that I had and I knew it was sinful so I do what I usually try to do in this situation and gave it to my young women girl at the meeting we had that night. I think by the time they are out of young women's they will be five pounds heavier with all the yummy goodness that I give them.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Charlie Rolled Over!!!!

Charlie has rolled over for the first time on Tuesday. I was so excited. Just before he did I was on the phone talking to my friend Taylor and I was telling her he was so close to rolling and wanted to do it so bad. Then like ten minutes later he rolls over. He wasn't too excited once he did it, because he dosen't like to be on his stomach. He has done a few other times since then.
This is Charlie on his first roll and as you can see he isn't too happy about it.

Crazy Busy

From last Saturday on I have been crazy busy. Saturday my friend Whytine and I painted the majority of the main floor in my home. I sat down and went through the cabinet in my kitchen and put all the things that are old or I don't use anymore in a basket for garage sale things and then I rearranged my food supply and went through and made sure that I had all the cans marked with there expiration dates on them and organized them so that the ones that expire first are going to be used first. Then I went through the cans and so on in my kitchen and did the same. I made two pumpkin pies and dinner every night which I honestly don't do it but every other night I know sad. My sister had given me 3 or 4 big black bags of clothes for a baby girl and boy and I went through those and separated them and gave some to people that need them. I have cleaned out all my baby clothes giving them to people that need them and so on this week. I put up sconces in my living room and moved the furniture all around in my living room and family room. I took all of Darin's bottles down on my cabinet in the kitchen and on my counters and wrapped them and put all those away. I cleaned out some closets and put all my scrap booking stuff back up stairs. I got three bend and separated the toys so they only have so many to play with at a time and they never get bored of all of them and there isn't so much to clean up. And while doing all of this I have managed to keep my home clean. I know what your thinking I must be pregnant but I'm not. I have just been motivated to make some changes in my home and I can't stop. Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging but I am just so excited for the change in my home.
I am planing to paint my room and do something in there for once. I will post those picture when I do it which is hopefully tomorrow.

Sweet Dreams

Lately Baylee is having a hard time sleeping in her room and just not wanting to go to sleep in general, so early this week she decided to hang out with me as I was cleaning the house up. She got the chair out to watch me clean in the kitchen and this is how I found her when I turned around to her.
Then she got up and re-positioned herself on the chair like this.
She is so funny.

Twin Falls

This is us soaking our feet to do pedicures.

My sister JoAnn and her two little ones and my three went to Twin Falls last month to surprise my sister Holly and her family and she was definitely surprised. I had told her that I was thinking about coming down and then I backed out at the last second but little did she know I was already on my way to see her. We went shopping and went to some parks with the kids. We went to a stake family dance too. We all had tons of fun and it was really great to see them all and their new beautiful home.