Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yummy Cake

So for Young Woman's we had Standers Night and we did a mock reception for the girls and had a newlywed couple speak to them and and older couple speak to the girls also about keeping their standers of course and how it helped them to be the people that they are now. Well we decorated the gym like a reception and I made the invitations for that night and I was in charge of making the cake. As you can see the colors were pink and white. It was a great night and the cake was really yummy. I was pretty proud of how it turned out. I also just got done helping my sister Jo Ann make a cake for her daughters birthday I wish I had pictures of that too but it was has two tiers like this one but instead of the circles we had flowers steaming up from grass. My description doesn't do it justice. It was pretty awesome.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Craft Project.

I went out and bought the letters for my last name and glued scrap booking paper on the top. I am going to put them on the top of my kitchen shelves. I just need to find a board to put them on so they won't fall over. I really like them and can't wait to put them up.

Easter Egg Coloring

Baylee and Bryson had tons of fun doing the egg coloring and putting stickers on it. Baylee liked to write her name on all the eggs with the crayon, Bryson tried to scoop the eggs out of the dye all the time, and Charlie was too tired to stay up and hang out. When we were done we all had tons of colors all over our fingers and some pretty colors on my table.

Happy Birthday Baylee!!!!


Baylee turned 4 on the 3rd and she had a couple of friends over for a little slumber party. We had pizza and cake and ice cream. I am really proud of my cake. It was my first time doing fondant. (Thanks Holly for the reciepe.) I thought that it turned out really well and yes I do know that the 4 is backwards on the last picture but I fixed it before the party. The girls watched the 2nd chick monk movie and then another and then I tried to get them to go to bed. It didn't work all that well but eventually they did go to sleep. The girls all had fun and Baylee got lots of girly make-up and clothes and so on. I think that she had a really good time.


Bryson and his big head just seem to hit everything. He got this pretty little thing while standing on the toilet and leaning his body weight on the toilet paper holder, and it went out on him. He hit his head on the edge of the counter. It got huge really fast. After the swelling went down it followed by a huge black eye that was so purple and it lasted for about a week and it was finally gone. I didn't leave my house too much during that time because it looked like I beat my kid.