Sunday, May 15, 2011

Best Time

My family and I when I finished the race. My kids and I right before the race.
Charlie looking at the ducks waiting for mom to finish.

These pictures are the kids wanting for me to get done with my race. Darin took them down to feed the ducks. My finish line was in River Front Park in Spokane.
Here I am finishing the run. I love this picture because Bryson is so excited to see me and he is reaching out for me.Here is a picture of my running buddy Cassie and I.

I did the Windermere half marathon this year and it was a blast. I really love the course that we run. I did the run this year with my cousin Cassie and my sister JoAnn. We got to the race with only enough time to use the bathroom and start and so I am sad that I didn't get a picture with JoAnn. Cassie finished in 1:53, JoAnn 3:06 and min was the best time that I have ran out of the three that I have done at 1:53 that is a pace of 8:40. I am so proud of us all and was so excited to be done but I would love to do another this year.