Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Final Count Down

35 Weeks!!!!
I am 35 weeks and the 24 of November is getting closer. Honestly the month of October flew by so fast. My last doctors appointment I was actually measuring normal which isn't really normal for me. I always measure 3-4 weeks bigger. It's amazing how each pregnancy is different. Hopefully this delivery will be different from the rest but in a good way.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Everyone cutting their pumpkins and getting all the mush out of them. You can see how excited Bryson is to be doing it.

Baylee with her Kool-Aid mustache. She looks really funny here.
Riley, Isaac's daughter, with her pumpkin.Bryson and mom.
Bryson having fun.
The end results of the pumpkins.

We carved pumpkins this year with Darin's brother Jayson and his family and some friends Isaac and his girls. We had a lot of fun. Bryson loved taking the inside out of the pumpkin and he would even try to put it back into the pumpkin too. Baylee wanted to take pictures of everyone instead carving any pumpkins. The kids were all pretty young and Nat and I ended up doing pretty much all the pumpkins together and the guys watched UFC fighting. The kids had lots of fun. Yesterday we also did some more carving of pumpkins with my sister JoAnn. Baylee actually helped more and they all enjoyed taking the insides out this time. We did a green pumpkin that time from JoAnn's garden. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of that pumpkin.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sweet Dreams

My kids have had some pretty random places that they fall asleep in. This is Bryson on Sunday. I put the kids to bed and went out to help Darin finish up on wrapping some meat and when I came back in this is how I found Bryson. If anyone can not tell this is my back sliding door. Apparently he was waiting for us to come back in. When he is tired he carries this blanket around with him. I thought it was a really cute moment and kinda funny too.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Carver Farm

The sign says "How tall this fall?" Bryson looks a little under 3 feet and Baylee is a little over 3 feet.

Bryson by his pumpkin.
Baylee by her pumpkin.
I had to put this up. He was eating an Arby's sandwich and would not put it down. Half of the pictures I got of him was like this.
Baylee actually took this picture. Not to bad.
The kids and I went to Carver Farm today and picked out pumpkins. Baylee was so excited to do it. She really wanted to go on a tracker ride, but I guess they only do that on the weekend and on the week days they have only the schools over to ride the tracker rides. She wasn't too bummed out by it though. She was more interested in picking pumpkins. Bryson only cared about his sandwich and that was really it. We got to drive out into the pumpkin patch and pick our pumpkin. I am glad we did it today and didn't wait any longer because the pumpkins were getting mushy because of the cold nights we have had the last couple of days. The only dud about the day was that Darin couldn't come because he was hunting and my camera batteries were dead after a few pictures. We had fun, the kids got free popcorn, we got some pumpkins, their wasn't that many people there, and the sun was shining.