Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sleigh Ride

Alright so this is a sled but it's the closest that they are going to get with a sleigh ride. The kids took a ride with dad up and down the street. Bryson had tons of fun doing it, but Baylee was pretty terrified of how loud the snowmobile was and wanted off. I still can't believe how much snow we have. It is just crazy.

Charlie's First Birthday!

Charlie turned 1 on November 24th which is also my brother David's birthday too. He is just below 50% on his height and just above 50% on his weight but is in the 70s on his head. He obviously loved his cake and he just took his first step yesterday on 12/1. His older brother and sister have all walked before they turned 1. Charlie definitely does things in his own time. Like he just started to give kisses but they are only given on his terms, he doesn't just give them to anyone anytime. He waves on occasion but that is the same as kisses only when he wants to. He loves to make tons of messes. He always gets my Tupperware out and throw them all everywhere. He gets into both bookshelves and throws the books out and just in general this kid likes to make messes. He loves the dish washer and when ever I am taking dishes out or putting them in he is in the middle of it all. We are very blessed to have our little guy in our life and can't wait to see how much he will grow.


I had preschool the week before thanksgiving. The last day of preschool we had a Thanksgiving party. We put a turkey puzzle together and made a turkey with feathers that each said what we are thankful for and made these awesome hats for the kids. They had a lot of fun.


My kids tend to think that it's OK to put what they are done eating with on the ground, so Charlie can have it, kinda like a dog. This is what happens when it is ice cream cake.