Wednesday, September 30, 2009

31 Weeks and Baylee's first day of preschool!!!

This is Baylee just before we left to school. She was so excited.Bryson always has to have his picture taken when the camera is out, and Baylee for some reason kept smiling weird. She would pull down at the side of her mouth almost into a frown but was totally stretching it out. It was funny. So preschool that Baylee is doing is with my sister and her son and one of our friends. We wanted to keep it small and plus my sister who just finished school to be a preschool teacher is also teaching one day of the week along with each of the moms. My sister that is the teacher is also the one who helped set up a curriculum for us too. So we have school for two hours a day for four days a week, and then on Fridays we go to a reading clinic at the library, and the kids will all get free books each time they go. This was our first week of doing school and so far it is going well. Baylee keeps begging to ride her bike to school, which is just to one of the other moms homes, and she tells me that I can walk while she rides her bike or I can drive by her while she rides. She forgot that she has a broken training wheel and she just wants to ride it so bad. I thought that we could hold out on getting her a new training wheel until next year for the good whether and all, but I think we might have to get one soon now. She is getting so big. Bryson is a magnet to bruising his head. He just was finishing up on a bruise on his head and got another. I can't even keep up with how he gets them anymore because they're so often. I feel like I look like an abusive parent walking around with him and his battle wounds. He is totally accident prone.

Here I am. Sorry it took so long to get a picture up of the tummy. This baby is getting so big and lately at night it likes to stretch out and into my ribs. I get to the point of having a hard time breathing and end up going down stairs to try to lay in the recliner and try to push the baby down and hope that maybe that sitting up a bit more will give the baby more room. That or either gravity will push the baby down one or the other I just pray that it works so I can get some sleep.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Room!!!

So one day I got sick and tired of putting all my scrap booking stuff away and having my kids get into everything that I've got for it, and into all my sewing stuff and decided to put both of the kids into one room and put all my craft stuff into Bryson's room. Yes, it's a boy and a girl sharing but their still little and I don't think that its a big deal. The baby will still be in my craft room and when the baby no longer fits in the crib then we will split the kids into different rooms at that time. This is how I found the kids when I checked on them. They have separate beds but they choose to go to sleep like this. I thought that it was really cute.

Darin had one of the members of the church come over and help put the wood onto the retaining wall. It looks really nice. Darin sanded it down and stained it. He also put the piping for the wood stove up too. It is pretty much done now. Way to go Darin!!!!Darin traded some stuff for this oven and over the range microwave off of craigs list. I was so excited. It makes the whole kitchen look complete because the appliances actually match each other now. They are used and are about 5 years old but they were super clean and practically look brand. I love them and have been cooking a lot more now. I am still not used to having the microwave up above I occasionally catch myself going to where my old microwave used to be at. Thank you craigs list.

Friday, September 4, 2009


Bryson started the week off with a double ear infection and then we went back to the doctor and found out that he has the hand foot mouth virus and that he can now stop taking the medicine for the ear infections because they went with the virus. He has been so craby lately. I dread it when he is sick. He is the most unhappy little guy around. Baylee loves her little brother and wants to give him loves and everytime she gets close to him he freaks out and is mad for about 15mins becuase of it. So my days is full of a lot of screaming. Baylee was so loving the first time we went this week to the doctor's. Bryson hates to be poked and prodded at and she was trying to sooth him as I am trying to hold him down and the doctor looks at his ears. She is such a little momma. So with all the ear infections and viruses I will be confined into my home. I also got a new niece this week her name is Katie June Wallace. For those who know my side of the family it was my brother Matt's daughter that was born. Unfortunately with all the sickies I haven't been able to see her. What a bummer of a week to be getting sick. Oh yeah I am sick too now.