Monday, January 18, 2010

Brysons Birthday

I usually make their cakes but this year I was craving some ice cream cake from TCBY YUMM!

Bryson blowing out the candles and Baylee wanting to help so badly.In the middle of eating his cake/ice cream Dad brings out his firetruck. He was so excited.

Bryson has grown so much but I can't believe that he is two already. Time sure does fly.

5th Anniversary

On January 8th it was Darin and mines 5 year anniversary. I can't believe how much has happened in five years. We have had three wonderful children during those five years and are still going on. We had a great night. My friend Tasha watched the older two while Darin and I went to dinner and a movie. We had a great time out together.

Charlie's Blessing Day

We had Charlie blessed the first Sunday of January. He was really good during the blessing and I was surprised that he didn't explode out of his diaper and get his outfit dirty like Baylee and Bryson had on their blessing day. It was a great day with lots of love. Oh and by the way I had my hair chopped off too. My friend Suzi was in town and cut my hair. She did a wonderful job and Darin surprisingly loves it. It took some getting used to but he said it was one of his favorite hair cuts for me. I was shocked because his not a big fan of the shorter hair but he loved it.


This is Charlie relaxing on Dad on Christmas Eve at the Wallace Christmas Eve Party.Bryson was so terrified of Santa. He was was on and off as fast as possible.
Baylee knew more about Santa this year and loved any opportunity to see him. She told Santa that she wanted a candy bar for Christmas.

Baylee looks really funny in this picture.
We had a great Christmas and the kids had tons of fun playing with cousins and we were really grateful for all the family that could make it up to visit this Christmas.