Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Trip

Charlie drove the whole way. Boy what a speed demon he is.Bryson and Clayton during the BBQ. I can't believe how big Holly's boys have gotten.
Baylee and Casen.

Charlie and Cody.

Casen, Bryson, Baylee and Cody jumping on the trampoline.

Twin Falls

Baylee and Bryson rolling down the hill.Baylee, Bryson, and Charlie looking at the falls. They were really amazing.
I really love this picture of Baylee and Bryson walking hand in hand.

The Falls was running so fast and the mist was so big that when we pulled up to the parking lot it seemed like it was raining.

The kids and I.

We went to Twin Falls to visit my sister and her family. It was tons of fun and the falls were really beautiful.


What a great combination of food pineapple and pop tarts.

Charlie you funny kid you.

She did it!!!

So for some reason I can't move the pictures around anymore. I used to be able too but now can't so they are randomly put up on here. This is a picture of one of my best friends wedding cake. I must say it looks amazing and that is because I made it. Here is the beautiful bride Tasha with her bridesmaids.
Tasha and I. I could totally tell she really wanted to give me a smooch. Couldn't help myself.

Tasha and her new hubby Dan.

Look how happy they are.

I am so excited that Tasha got married to a great guy like Dan and I really hope that they are always happy in their marriage. Good Luck!