Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleep Tight

Baylee and Bryson had a hard time going to bed and so they decided that sleeping on the stairs was a better option. These guys sleep just about anywhere . I think that these are really cute pictures because Bryson has his arm around his sister and Baylee has his blanket. Which if anyone know Bryson he is pretty attached to that blanket and it's sweet that he let her have it. What sweet little ones.

Monday, June 14, 2010

So Funny

Update- Bryson has peed his pants only once since the first of the month!!!! I am so excited for him and really excited to not have to pay for diapers for him. He is still learning the little things like his aiming, and he really likes to pee outside. Which leads me into my really funny story that happened today. Since the weather has been nice I let the kids out to play and was doing things around the house when Baylee comes in crying and really upset. I asked her what was the matter and she said Bryson peed on her, and sure enough she had pee on her. It wasn't just on her feet it was on her shirt, up on her arm and down. He soaked her. He pees fast and hard too, just to let you know cause I know that you all wanted to know that. So I am holding back the laughter while I try to explain to Bryson not to pee outside and to do that in the toilet and then run upstairs to give Baylee a bath. It's hard to get upset at that little guy because he is such a little ham.

Surprise Party and Birthday Cake

Darin's parents had a combined birthday party since they're both turning 60 this year. We had a BBQ and Darin's sister even came up from Boise. I made the cake and had to show it off. I was pretty proud of it. The only bummer was that it started to melt on the drive over to Pinehurst. I was just glad I took the picture before we left.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Potty Time

Bryson is learning how to potty train. He does pretty well with it. He loves to wear underwear. He really likes to go pee in the toilet and watching it spray everywhere. I have learned to keep 409 in my bathroom with paper towels to wipe up the over spray. Now the only thing left to do is trying to get him to poop in the toilet. Wish us luck!