Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Darin!!!!!

I know that I am horrible at keeping up with this kind of thing but what the hay I will give it a try. Today is Darin's Birthday. He is 33 now. He has been out hunting and that is what he usually does on his birthdays. We will have cake and ice cream when he gets home but that's about it. Just to update a little Darin did a lot of side work this summer doing roofing and painting homes. Darin is a very busy guy he doesn't like to sit still for very long. He got a new 4-wheeler this summer. He is having a lot of fun on it now that it's hunting season. Baylee is learning a lot of her colors, some days she knows them better then others. She likes to sing the ABC's to everyone. She is talking up a storm. She loves to play with her litter brother even though he doesn't like it all the time. She is a BIG daddy's girl. She is very jealous when dad comes home from work. She doesn't want dad to hold anyone but her. Baylee is finally potty trained but who knows maybe tomorrow she might decided that she doesn't want to be, that is just how she is. Bryson is a very happy little boy. Very patient and loving. He is standing up against the coffee table and walking around it. Dad got him to stand a little on his own on Sunday. He sleeps all through the night. He is such a big boy. He loves to eat, anything that you put in front of him he will try his best to eat it. He got a few hair cuts during the summer too. I played on a co-ed softball team during the summer. That was a lot of fun and I did my first triathlon this summer. It was a lot of work but tons of fun. That was pretty much our summer. Very busy.


MIKENTAY said...

Yeah Happy B-day to Darin. Too bad we couldn't come over for some cake:( I know you'll be saving me a piece though

Liz and Grant said...

Yeah you have a blog!!! Don't worry about constantly updating it, sometimes we're on the ball and other times it takes us a few weeks to think up anything to blog about. Either way I love being able to see what friends are up to.

Josten and Sarah said...

Welcome to blogging world! I was hoping you'd start one up pretty soon. Tell Darin Happy Birthday!