Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Everyone cutting their pumpkins and getting all the mush out of them. You can see how excited Bryson is to be doing it.

Baylee with her Kool-Aid mustache. She looks really funny here.
Riley, Isaac's daughter, with her pumpkin.Bryson and mom.
Bryson having fun.
The end results of the pumpkins.

We carved pumpkins this year with Darin's brother Jayson and his family and some friends Isaac and his girls. We had a lot of fun. Bryson loved taking the inside out of the pumpkin and he would even try to put it back into the pumpkin too. Baylee wanted to take pictures of everyone instead carving any pumpkins. The kids were all pretty young and Nat and I ended up doing pretty much all the pumpkins together and the guys watched UFC fighting. The kids had lots of fun. Yesterday we also did some more carving of pumpkins with my sister JoAnn. Baylee actually helped more and they all enjoyed taking the insides out this time. We did a green pumpkin that time from JoAnn's garden. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of that pumpkin.


da franks said...

It was super fun, well, for us two and the kids anyway...I went to download the pictures of that night onto my computer and realized we didn't have a card in the camera all if I could steal some of your pictures that would be cool. Lets do something again soon, after the sickness is gone from our house! And I love Baylee's red was Crystal light by the way...Koolaid is nasty! jk

Liz and Grant said...

Looks like you guys had a blast:) I think we are going to be grumps this year, because we still haven't gotten around to carving pumpkins- I guess I still have 4 days until halloween, we'll see what happens;)

Brown Family said...

Super fun times! We still need to do our pumpkins! Love all the carvings!

Taylor said...

Cute pics! That looked like A lot of work. I usually have my pumpkins carved already by this time of the year but haven't gotten around to it. The pumpkins turned out really cute too!