Monday, January 18, 2010

Charlie's Blessing Day

We had Charlie blessed the first Sunday of January. He was really good during the blessing and I was surprised that he didn't explode out of his diaper and get his outfit dirty like Baylee and Bryson had on their blessing day. It was a great day with lots of love. Oh and by the way I had my hair chopped off too. My friend Suzi was in town and cut my hair. She did a wonderful job and Darin surprisingly loves it. It took some getting used to but he said it was one of his favorite hair cuts for me. I was shocked because his not a big fan of the shorter hair but he loved it.


Holly said...

Ya all look so nice!!

Liz and Grant said...

Charlie is soo cute! And your hair is smokin hot- you are looking great!

Camille English said...

Sara you look soo great! Congratulations. He's beautiful. I'm jealous your done being pregnant already.