Thursday, September 16, 2010

First week of preschool!!!!

Baylee and Bryson are starting preschool this week. Baylee goes to a co-op that some women in my ward and I started together. She went the first day and had a blast. She is so excited to go to preschool and that she has her very own book. Bryson stays home with me and we do preschool while Baylee is gone at hers. He is just excited that he gets his own pencil box and crayons, markers, and so on. He loves to drag his backpack around. He feels very important with his backpack on.


Holly said...

Good Looking Kids!! Have Fun!!!!

Kreller Kaboodle said...

SOOOO cute!! Derick has started preschool again and LOVES it! He is the youngest by far and gets along and acts like he is the same age as the older kids! Kids are SOO fun and SOO cute!

dfrank said...

I'm going to have such smart grandkids. You are doing a great job Sarah working with them.