Friday, January 14, 2011

6 Years and Still Going

The Lake view from the porch. I know it's a little dark but we left early in the morning to go snowmobiling and we got there late at night so this is the most light we saw while there.Darin and I. I loved the windows behind us. It is so dark that the view of the lake can't be seen in the windows but it was awesome.
I loved this fire place and how intricate it is. There is a loft up top that is shown up on the right.

Darin and I have been married for six years and this anniversary Darin and I went to a friends lake house for the night. It was so much fun sitting by the fire and see the amazing view. Darin spoiled me. He made dinner and breakfast and cleaned up after it all. We missed our kids but had a really nice time together. Thank you so much to Taylor who watched our kids for us.

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Taylor said...

Glad it was a great time without the kids:) No prob btw. Happy Anniversary!!