Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pumpkin Carving and Halloween

Bryson was a pirate and Baylee was a caterpillar, but she wouldn't keep the hood on and kept complaining that she wanted to be a pirate also. At least we got her to smile in one picture though. That night we went to the CDA stake center for a little while with some friends and family, but then we left and went to a barn party that my parents ward was doing. Baylee had tons of fun at that. Bryson wasn't feeling to well and neither was Darin, so we stayed for a while and let Baylee play some games and do some trick or treating and then went home. The kids are still young that it doesn't really matter to be out terribly too long and they don't want to feel their bags to the top. I remember going trick or treating as a kid with pillow cases and trying to feel those babies up. That was so hard work and long hours. We did our pumpkin carving a couple nights before Halloween and that was a fun night. Baylee kept trying to grab the knife to do it herself but she loved to scrap all the goo out of the pumpkin, and Bryson just watched and made tons of noise waiting to be feed since he was in his high chair.

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For FRANKS Sake said...

Super cute! Love the pirate costume. :)