Saturday, December 13, 2008


We had a snow storm this Friday and Saturday and it was supposed to be 6-8 inches but it only ended up being maybe 4 or 5 inches if your lucky. I love the snow and loved last years amount of snow that we had. Anyways up in the mountains though their is a lot of snow, so that is where Darin is this Saturday all day. Playing in the snow with his brothers and dad. Last night he was getting ready to go out today and was finding his helmet and found some old helmet and put it on the kids it was so cute. Bryson is in this stage where he knows to smile at the camera. What a cute smile he has. Baylee is such a daddy's girl. She follows him everywhere he goes. When she wakes up in the morning the first thing she asks is "Where's daddy?" if he isn't around. Never hi mom or anything but where's daddy. She loves him so much. I have been cooking tons with my sister Holly and sending out Christmas cards. I wanted to get an early start so that I didn't have to hurry so much when it got closer to Christmas.


Ryan and Carrie said...

I hear ya on the helmet! Cooper is always putting Ryan's on and I have pictures from last year with him in it! He is so excited to go when he "gets older and big enough" he says!! I hope they had more snow than we got here! I have been baking today and dipping over 200 chocolates!

Taylor said...

Dont worry Baylee will turn on Darin when she wants to start dating! Bryson DOES have a very cute smike, I love it when he sticks out his tounge. The treats were yummy... good job, as always!

Liz and Grant said...

Baylee has the prettiest eyes! Every time you put pictures of her up I can't believe how blue they are. Have fun in the snow, we finally got some yesterday, but only about 1-2 inches, it will probably melt by tomorrow :(