Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Stripes and Polka Dots

This is Baylee getting herself dressed. This is her second time trying to get dressed for the day. First she came down in the same shirt and overalls but with khaki pants under the overalls. I forgot to say that I had already laid her clothes out for her which was just the shirt and the green Capri's that she has on in the picture but for some reason she loves the overalls. Anyways I told her to get the right pair of pant on and to take the other off and this is how she came down the second time. She does this quite often. She likes to change her clothes through out the day and pick what she really wants to wear and usually I make her change but today I really didn't care. Look at how happy she looks about it too. She loves to layer her pants. Another time she did this with a pair of mesh shorts and a pair of sweats under them. My mom said that when I was her age and was getting myself dressed I would match stripes with polka dots. I think that I turned out alright though.

This is Bryson just so excited to be riding his bike in the house even though he knows he isn't supposed to. He loves taking pictures.
Here he is so focused in riding as fast as he can from one end to another of the house.

Baylee got her scooter and was doing the same thing. For some reason they find it more fun to do inside the house instead of outside.
And my beautiful kiddos. This was a pretty good picture of them. It is getting harder and harder to get both their attention at the same time and smile.


Tyler, Alycia and Ella said...

I love the pictures! They are getting so big and quite the personalities it looks like! How fun!

Ryan and Carrie said...

Cute! I let Cooper get dressed by himself but he always wants to wear the same things, either Transformers or Superman! Then the pants are usually good..He doesn't have too many so I am good there! And Chloe ALWAYS wants Tinkerbell! I totally hear you on the smiling at the same time! We will be attempting family pictures Saturday sometime and I am hoping that it goes well! They are free so it is not that big of a disappointment if they aren't great!

Holly said...

Baylee is so you at that age. RAGMUFFIN LOL. They are good kids. Enjoy them!

Kreller Kaboodle said...

cute cute kids Sarah!! Are you gonna name your third kid with a B name? I can't wait to see how cute this one is!! :D You're such a cute mommy!

Taylor said...

I LOVE the pic of Bryson and Baylee! Baylee reminds me of Pippy Longstocking and how she dresses!! I was looking forward to Mikey being able to dress himself but maybe it's not such a good thing at first eh?

Taylor said...

p.s. your new layout looks great! your baby ticker isn't working though :(