Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Big Day

This is right before I left to the hospital. I only got 3 1/2 hours of sleep and becuase I am having a C-section I can't wear any make-up, so enjoy.

Darin's new hot rod. It is a 1963 SS Chevy Nova.

Today is the day that we are going in to have our little one. I am so excited and scared. Excited to see what the sex of the baby is, what the baby looks like, but scared of the processor, and the recovery. We spent a lot of time yesterday doing all the things we wanted done before we have the baby. Darin and I got the Christmas lights up and I know that it sounds crazy but hey after Thanksgiving is usually when everyone puts them up and we are not going to have time to do that. We swept and mopped the floors twice yesterday. Once in the morning Darin did them and then Bryson got into the syrup while no one was watching and spilled it everywhere. Let me tell ya it was a blast to clean up. Yes I am being sarcastic when I say that. I painted my finger nails and I had my friend Tasha paint my toes. I went to Khols and picked out a girl and a boy outfit to bring the baby home in and had them hold them for me so my sister can pick one up for me today. Darin sold his hot rod and got a different one that will fit the whole family in it and he had went to pick it up yesterday. He was so excited that he washed it while it was dark out in 35 degree whether. I did all my grocery shopping on Saturday so that I wouldn't have to do it on Monday. Well have to go the surgery. Next post will be of the baby!!!!! Wish me luck cause I'm going to need it.


Ryan and Carrie said...

You are so crazy! Although I thought of calling you this morning right around this time but didn't see any lights on when I drove by! I am glad that everything went ok and am excited it is a boy!! I hope you recover quickly!

Holly said...

Sarah, I am so excited for you!! I called mom 3 times before your little guy came, until I finally heard. What a beautiful baby!! Good Job.
I see your van is no longer in the garage. Thats not good, but good luck!!

Taylor said...

CONGRATS SARAH! Come home soon with your little man!