Saturday, March 27, 2010

Charlie's first foods and 4 months.

This is Charlie eating his first foods. He did alright eating. Just about as good as any baby at learning how to eat. I have only been feeding cereal in the mornings sometimes. I need to get more cosistant. Charlie is rolling over here and there. He does it more because if he rolls onto his stomach than he can suck on his thumb better. 95% of the time he rolls is because of his thumb. He loves everyone talking to him and is a really happy baby. I couldn't have asked for a better baby. We love him and we are really blessed to have such a wonderful baby.


Liz and Grant said...

Yeah, I'm slacking I should probably start trying cereal with Hallie, It's crazy how fast they grow:)

Holly said...

Is that his Yuckie face or Oh mom thats some good grub!

Taylor said...

Charlie seems real laid back. You ARE lucky. I love the last pic!