Thursday, March 11, 2010

Crazy Busy

From last Saturday on I have been crazy busy. Saturday my friend Whytine and I painted the majority of the main floor in my home. I sat down and went through the cabinet in my kitchen and put all the things that are old or I don't use anymore in a basket for garage sale things and then I rearranged my food supply and went through and made sure that I had all the cans marked with there expiration dates on them and organized them so that the ones that expire first are going to be used first. Then I went through the cans and so on in my kitchen and did the same. I made two pumpkin pies and dinner every night which I honestly don't do it but every other night I know sad. My sister had given me 3 or 4 big black bags of clothes for a baby girl and boy and I went through those and separated them and gave some to people that need them. I have cleaned out all my baby clothes giving them to people that need them and so on this week. I put up sconces in my living room and moved the furniture all around in my living room and family room. I took all of Darin's bottles down on my cabinet in the kitchen and on my counters and wrapped them and put all those away. I cleaned out some closets and put all my scrap booking stuff back up stairs. I got three bend and separated the toys so they only have so many to play with at a time and they never get bored of all of them and there isn't so much to clean up. And while doing all of this I have managed to keep my home clean. I know what your thinking I must be pregnant but I'm not. I have just been motivated to make some changes in my home and I can't stop. Sorry if it sounds like I'm bragging but I am just so excited for the change in my home.
I am planing to paint my room and do something in there for once. I will post those picture when I do it which is hopefully tomorrow.


wallysworld21 said...

WOW That is a lot brighter, I really like it. Your living room looks beautiful!! Good Job!
Holly L.

da franks said...

Looking good honey. I wish I had a teaspoon of your energy. Love you!

Taylor said...

I agree with Nat! I think you should come over to my house and help me do the same. I don't have much motivation because I know I don't have anywhere to put anything so I will just move it out of one tight spot into another tight spot. Your house looks REALLY good. I know how your feeling when your all proud of your house.. which you rightfully should be ;)

Brown Family said...

Doesn't it feel just SO GOOD to be productive! Love it!