Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Car

This is my old car. I loved my car. I am just glad that it was strong enough to take a hit for my family. I found an article from the Moscow newspaper that briefly explains what happened.

A Moscow woman was hospitalized following a two-car crash on U.S.
Highway 95 near Tensed that knocked down several power lines and forced
the roadway to be closed for about 90 minutes Sunday afternoon.

According to an Idaho State Police incident report, Cynthia Borchardt,
54, of Moscow was driving her 1998 Honda Civic in the southbound lane
when she fell asleep and swerved into the northbound lane, sideswiping
Darin Frank, 33, of Hayden, Idaho, and forcing his 2002 Honda Accord
into the ditch.

Borchardt's vehicle continued across the northbound lane and struck a
guide wire for a power pole, forcing several lines to come down shortly
after 5 p.m.

Borchardt was transported by ambulance to Gritman Medical Center in
Moscow, according to the ISP report. Information on her condition was
not available before press time.

Frank was not injured.


For FRANKS Sake said...

No comment. Just Hugs that everyone is safe. Ok I lied. I have a comment. lol This weekend was a lot of fun with you guys BEFORE our adventures. :)

Brown Family said...

Well talk about adventure! I am glad everyone is okay! So do you have to get a new car?

Taylor said...

Heeeelooo all of the Franks were ok! Geesh the newspaper didn't even mention that a whole family was in the car. Oh and just in case your wondering the car defenintly is totalled! I know that you loved your car.... youll get one that's just as good if not better!

Seely's said...

We had so much fun with you guys when you were down here (before the trip home that is). Thank you for coming to her blessing and being a part of it! I'm glad you guys are safe!!! Love you guys!