Sunday, March 22, 2009


This weekend my friend Tasha and I went snowboarding. We went to Silver Mountain because I had free passes. We had a blast. I fell tons because I haven't been snowboarding for over two years and before that I hadn't gone much either, but it was tons of fun. The snow was really wet so some snow would look like powder and I would go into it and get stuck because it was really wet. I got stuck in the most awkward positions, and I don't know how I did it. Like I would be upside down and like I said the snow was really wet and my board was stuck in the snow and I couldn't get it out because it was so heavy, but we had a good laugh about it. Darin went out snowmobiling and Baylee and Bryson went to their Aunt JoAnn's house. Baylee made sure she left her mark, not that she is a bad kid but I think that the terrible 3's are coming early. Baylee and her cousin Sam got into some liquid soap and poured it out then they got into paint that was left on the ground, not finger paint but the paint that she was going to put on the wall, and they got it everywhere, on the carpet, linoleum, her walls and all over their clothes. Sounds like a great time and I guess they did this in a matter of ten minutes. Thank goodness she is getting new carpet soon. Sam also managed to cut his little sisters hair too. I guess that Baylee and Sam are just partners in crime together.


Holly said...

You look so cute. Sounds like fun!! No one couts the falls just the fun!

Taylor said...

At least you looked great while you were falling down.

Brown Family said...

I am so glad someone got to go out and snowboard this year!! Maybe next year for us!! :) Glad it was fun! I'll just expect a lot of falls and sore muscles the next time I go! :) All I can say is that at least with all the falls, snow is much more forgiving than concrete or racks right? :)