Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Charlie has great aim.

Last week Bryson was laying on the ground by Charlie their heads were close by each other. Bryson was watching some TV and I was changing Charlie's diaper. As I was grabbing a wipe and cleaning Charlies bum, he begins be pee and shouts right into Bryson's face. I then quickly try to cover the stream with one hand and Bryson jumps up in shock of the sudden wetness on his face and begins to cry and poor guy all I could do was laugh uncontrollably. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Bryson's face was really wet and he even got it in the ear. When he got up he was crying and didn't know what just happened to himself as he put one finger into his ear to try to plunge the water out of it. This is our funny story does anyone have one to top it? Let me know because I think this one is pretty good.


Anonymous said...

This brought a huge glowing smile over what was a rather gloomy mood. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoy reading about the various episodes of the growing Frank Family. So funny at times. I remember changing my little guys dirties and it let go a fire hose. Yuck!

Happy Holidays!!!!


Kreller Kaboodle said...

oh my goodness Sarah! You had your baby a MONTH ago!! I'm soo happy for you! I LOVE the name and he is beautiful!! You and your hubby make some CUTE kids! I'm glad that you are doing well and that Charlie is healthy!! WTG!! Now you just need one more to give Baylee(sp) a sister, LOL You're awesome!