Thursday, July 1, 2010

Car d' Alene

Darin, Jake, Bryson, Baylee, Mark, Sarah, and Grandpa Frank.

Bryson smiling funny

One really pimped out bus. The kids loved this bus.

JoAnn and her family.



A stylin' car

We had a really nice time. The kids loved watching the cars and hanging out with everyone. We had Darin's parents and my sister JoAnn's family there and one of Darin's friends Mark. It was a fun time and it was a sunny warm day finally.


Taylor said...

It's always nice that we know where to find each other every year at Cardalene! Sorry we couldn't spend more time with each other this day :(

Liz and Grant said...

The picture of Bryson with a Zips cup totally made me homesick! Looks like it was a fun day, I'm glad the weather finally cooperated!